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Friday, 1 April 2011

Boys and Girls

Before I became the proud owner of one of each I never really understood the huge difference in parenting boys and girls. I have to admit to being rather smug about my beautifully behaved girl who played nicely with other children, sat and coloured for hours and hours and more often than not ate what was on her plate. I think I thought that I must have done something right as my friends wished a monster of a boy on us next so we new how lucky we were with our first... He arrived into this world 2 years ago and I have never been smug since... What a totally different story. Hungry all the time, always wanting to be held, noisy... but a big ball of loveliness at the same time who can melt your heart with his smile.

Jinksy is now 2 and I now understand they call it the Terrible Two's for a reason...

Polly is having a play date at the moment. I've picked her up with 3 friends from school. They have been playing happily for the last 3 hours without a crossed word... I'm suspecting it will be a different story altogether on the boy play dates in 2 yrs time!

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