Bendylegs Granola

Monday, 9 May 2011

London Town

We are home from our road trip/mini break in London for the Real Food Festival. I'm not really sure where to start! On hearing on the way down to London that I was on the stall next to my pal and Gower celebrity Kate, provider of brownies to the rich and famous, I knew we were going to have a ball. There were too many highlights to mention. Sales weren't great but they weren't for anyone. It seemed like more of an exhibition and advertising event rather than a market. Those that tasted Bendylegs seemed to like it and plenty of people smiled and asked about the name. These events are more about the people you meet and what you can learn from other people and, as a new girl, this experience was invaluable. Any market is made by your neighbours. Kate, Rob and lovely Sophie (scouse) Elf from Gower Cottage Brownies, James from Trealy Farm and Pie Man (Robert from Tractor Pies, North Wales). We sold, we laughed, we moaned, we helped each other out. We traded our goods between us for lunch/breakfast and we had a little drink or two together once the sun was past the yard arm.... just.... Yesterday, it felt like leaving a bunch of people after a weeks holiday together!
Other highlights for me were meeting the lovely Masterchef boys of the class of 2010 Druv, Alex and Tim, meeting the hilarious Rhodri Williams and watching Kate from GCB begging Jay Rayner for his address to send him brownies. That girl is THE most amazing saleswoman! So, its all over. Back home to sell and to follow up all the exciting possibilities that could be in the pipeline for Bendylegs... I never realised how tiring standing still was until last night when I definitely had Bendylegs and then, after a day with the kids bouncing off the walls, standing still doesn't seem so exhausting after all...


  1. It sounds like you had a fantastic time Jo! Glad it was such a success!!

  2. Hi there, becca here, so great to discover your blog and meet you the other day at the farmers market. Love my cereal so much, thanks,
    Becca x